Can't figure out how to publish facebook page, help please

I created a business page for the company I’m working for. If I go to the account I created it under I can search for it. If anyone else logs into their facebook account they can’t find it. I’ve done a ton or research on this issue and so has everyone else that works here and we can’t figure it out. If anyone can help us we would really appreciate it. The page is called Hoboken Escapes. Thanks.

This is what I get when I search on facebook.

How many likes you have for that page??? You might have 25 likes for publish a facebook page. Eg;

Facebook has a sophisticated search tool, along the lines of what you see on Google but more relational than a general engine. Assuming your page is published it will show up…

However Facebook will look at the popularity of the page (likes, posts, views) in aggregate as well as in relation to the user. For example, an admin of a page almost always sees it first in the search results while a friend of an person who likes it may see it sooner than someone who is unconnected. The exact details are not shared but it’s pretty darn smart.

To find it click the magnifying glass to view all results then sort by pages.