Business page or group page picture sharing

Hi, I belong to a garden club who wants to start a facebook page so that members can submit pictures of floral designs and plants to share with their club members. So basically it will be a picture sharing site.

I’m not sure which type of facebook page I should create for them. I don’t really use facebook all that much myself. A business page? A group page? What is the diffence/benefit of either.

  1. I need it so that I can be an administrator so that people can’t just load up any pictures they want. There has to be some gateway to manage this :).

  2. The member in charge of this will change yearly.

  3. I already have my own personal facebook page and will be setting up a business page for myself. Can you create a business or group page without having a personal page? Since the person in charge will be elected into this position each year, I’m not sure how to handle this part. I was told you had to set up a personal page first before you could set up a business or group page, but I don’t want to use my info for that. I am just basically helping the club out.

Suggestions??? Help???