Feedback on Facebook landing page

Hey everybody, I’m new to this forum but love it so far. I was hoping to get some feedback on the landing page I have for my facebook fan page It’s pretty simple but it goes along with what i’ve read a facebook landing page should be. If you have a landing page please post it as I would like to see what others are doing. Thanks

Congrats on the new tab. Your page is of course pretty simple… strong message to LIKE but honestly I didn’t get a strong message on what I can do or interact with on the page that would make me click LIKE. I’d suggest looking at your key features, or if the purpose is simply community engagement, focus on your description and the communication to up the conversion to LIKEs.

great advise. I appreciate the feedback. Definitely need to look into giving people a better reason to like us.

Thanks for the feedback and views everybody. I would love it if you guys would post your facebook pages as I’d love to see more examples of what others are doing to build up their fans.

Very nice page although I may say its a bit hard to load. You need to optimize the images to load the page faster. But the images look great.

Any idea how many fans you need for a facebook fan page before it starts to get indexed? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the feedback daxmonster. After reading your post I check out our fb and it does load a little slow doesn’t it. I’ll have to look into fixing that. Scottgrace… are you wondering how many fans you need for facebook to start indexing you for their search engine or like a general index for search engines to bring up your fb page?