Can't comment with a business FB account?


So I used to have a personal account for my business & then it was deleted & I was told I could only have a FB page, so I created one for each of my sites, but now it seems I can’t do anything with the account other than promote my business.

Why can’t I join groups, comment on other businesses pages, etc.?

Is that only allowed on a personal acct.?



A business account is limited in how it interacts with other people. Most of the time there is very little use for a business account except e.g in a large business where multiple people manage the account and need to do so without having the personal details attached of the person who created it. Presumably you have a personal account you can use as well?

Well I have to disagree. According to their T&C, any business (no matter the size) has to use the page.

Yes I have a personal account, but I don’t want to use that for business purposes. Obviously I want to get involved in the business community on Facebook & I don’t see how you can if you can’t comment, like a page, or do any of the normal things one does to socialize on FB.

If you’re looking for b2b interaction and marketing, then linkedin is probably a better place to be. I know plenty business owners who are happy to use facebook from a personal perspective, and have pages for their businesses that they promote. They interact and their job title or profile can lead to their page or brand. I can understand that for some businesses they may want to hide their identities, but facebook was primarily created for personal interaction, not as a b2b marketplace.

I’m already on LinkedIn, but FB is FB & every business needs to be on it until it fizzles away.

I know it was meant for personal reasons, but it started bringing in businesses a while back.

Just very strange that you can’t do anything but have a page that people like, but they can’t even comment on your posts? I thought they could & I was missing some way to do this.