Facebook Business Accounts - Anything Required for Commenting?

One billion users. No one is personally adjusting settings for accounts and if they were you’d know.

So it sounds like attaching an admin who has a personal account really won’t matter? Not advisable?

Again all accounts are personal accounts which can be made as admins of a page so I’m not sure what you mean. There’s no way to make someone an admin who does not have a Facebook account.

What I meant was, since I have only done this one page, for a 'Business Organization or Institution, try opening a new page at https://www.facebook.com/ (not https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php ) and add as an admin in an attempt to free the permissions. Can I have both?

Pages are not accounts and can not be made without an personal account first. When you create a page your personal account of course becomes an admin by default.

As for whether it will help or not, if you already have a page it wouldn’t do anything except add another page to your profile. If you don’t have a page and plan to use Facebook for your business then you need a page so creating one is only logical.

That said I get the feeling you are stuck think of your page as the same as your account. They are not. Accounts are how you login, what you have a newsfeed for, and where your “personal” profile is set complete with a photo for your comments as an individual. Pages layer on top and are accessed by personal accounts so while they look similar they get their own logo & details. While you can switch to comment as your page in certain instances, they are far more restrictive than your underlying personal account.

Well the only thing I added was a Company page - I’m not sure if you are trying to tell me that FB automatically creates an account when the Company page was started, or, that I 'should have had a personal account before creating the company page - specifically using this form here https://www.facebook.com/. Regardless FB added me as the main admin, with no first and last name registered, as you can see from the screenshot. But since I beleive you said previously there has to be someone with a real name administering, this leads me to beleive that I need to create an account with my first and last name, then link it to the Company page - is this correct? Or is this considering ‘creating another page’?

If this is what should have been done, creating a personal account before a company page, then is it possible to create a personal account after the company page has been created?

Could this be why I am experiencing a ‘permission issue’?

I log in with my Company page,

If I add a ‘personal account’ for use with the company page, I’ll add a seperate thumbnial, and as I understand you from above, I can probably use it to comment with the company icon showing and not my personal one – assuming that it takes.

If I start a single personal account, can I associate it with several FB company pages?

…They don’t add anything. As I’ve said, you created a personal account to setup the page. Without an account there is no page.

But since I beleive you said previously there has to be someone with a real name administering, this leads me to beleive that I need to create an account with my first and last name

You already have an account. That’s how you login to facebook… Not sure how you managed to skip the last name field but go facebook, click the setting icon and you can fill that all in. If that has no photo it explains why you’re never seeing an icon on your comments… you’re commenting as an individual [the default state] and without a photo, well, none can show up :smiley:

I log in with my Company page,

To be crystal clear, pages are not accounts. You can not login as a page. There is no password or username for a page. Personal accounts login. Personal accounts are made as page admins. Pages can then comment on their wall and select other walls but only if you turn that on.

It sounds like you signed up, glazed over the fields, and entered business info into your personal account which is confusing you but easily solved by setting the right info in your page(s) and the right info in your account.

Okay, I created a personal account when I setup the page without actually doing anything but proceeding thru the Company page process. You’ve seem to have gotten thru to me, here (attachment) as I did not click on ‘I already have a Facebook Account’ either

Clicking on ‘settings’ there is no last name field. I have looked thoroughly throughout and see absolutely no last name field. I do have a profile picture but don’t think that’s what you mean. This is after I am logged on of course and the pic is for the Company.

I entered the fields as I setup, the sucessive process.

What do you suggest I do now?

Click the settings icon and be sure you’re using facebook as yourself [you’ll see options like ads, privacy, etc].

Set your account to your personal details @ https://www.facebook.com/settings. Name for example is your full name.

Set your account photo to your personal photo @ facebook.com -> click your photo -> upload a photo of you, not your company.

Your page to your business details @ settings -> use facebook as xyz.

Then you won’t confuse the two.

I cannot see the options you describe, instead what are listed in the left column are: ‘General, Security, Subscribers, Apps, Ads, Payments, etc’

Also, should I not be able to toggle back and forth from the "Edit Page’ drop menu (attachment) FB will not let me do this. At the bottom of the drop menu, it just always says ’ Use Facebook as MyAccountName’ Should ‘Edit Page’ turn into ‘Manage’ when I am in fact using FB as myself?

I believe I am using the latest version.

Entering that address (without the ? and its trailing variable) seems to make no difference in what I am seeing unfortunately.


The navbar your showed does look different from normal accounts, similar to my manager account. What shows up under the settings link from the top right?

Please use FireFox or Chrome… IE is so antiquated I don’t want to think about how it renders.

(attached - FF browser)

I honestly don’t recall the fields that you’ve mentioned when signing up.

Interesting. You do seem to have a limited account of some sort although I’m not sure how you got one… My apologies for the confusion.

In any event your past screenshot shows a page manager… As a page you are limited in where you post and what but should still be able to activate that specific profile. If you try making a second page let’s see if that allows you to switch back and forth you can more easily identify your current role.

Alright, making 2nd Company page while logged on.

Silly question: Will obviously use same the category as before, but also use same company name?

Can never be too sure here I guess with this process. [I]Wondering why they even ask this, must be to admin several different companies by the same user.


One user can admin many, many pages so yes, exactly.

As for the details, a dud page doesn’t need anything in particular, it’s a dud. :smiley:

Okay I set up a second page, and when I click on “facebook” upper left both pages show. But when going on to “edit page” menu, “Use Facebook as” shows only the page currently selected, not giving the option to toggle to the other. Happening for both pages.

Within ‘edit page’ > ‘update info’ > 'settings:

“Posting Preferences:
Always comment and post on your page as (current page), even when using Facebook as .
Note: You’re currently using Facebook as . To switch to (current page), click Account at the top of any page.”

Doing this while within ea. of the pages

Not following… If you can’t toggle between the pages how are you experiencing this for both pages?

via Facebook link, upper left, which then lists both pgs.

Note: You’re currently using Facebook as . To switch to (current page), click Account at the top of any page."

If you’re not seeing both pages listed in this menu, are getting blanks about your page name, but can edit both pages you’ll need to hunt down Facebook support.

I’ve tried four and now five times, cannot get them to even respond.

Only other two options I see are:

FB has either changed permissions on business accounts, without making it publicly known, allowing new signups to only post on their own account pages, and possibly if such account was not started by way of personal account first - hence, the ‘limited account’ and the rule of a named person behind the commenting on other account pages would apply.

OR, that someone with a personally named account must be added to the existing account as an admin, for commenting, even though the managing admin is supposed to be able to do do by their own account.

OR, that there has been a glitch on the business signup process on the part of FB. Whether or not they have pulled it.

I guess there is an outside chance that they placed limits on my account based on my ip address based possibly on a prior abuser.

Given their track record of responses, I sincerely hope that I don’t have to rely on FB getting back with me.

My business has similar profiles but, so long as we activate a page with the “Use facebook as xyz…”, they work just fine within the confines of a page’s access [pages can post to their wall, on other pages but nothing to personal walls].

I tried signing up for a page as a non-user when we were going through all of these details yesterday and ended up at a screen to create a personal profile so I’m not entirely sure how you ever managed to get the account you did…

Do you recall, when activating the additional page(s) – was there a wait period before they could post to other pages?