Facebook campaign or Google campaign?

Which is easier to manage in terms of marketing, Facebook campaign or Google campaign?

Both of these advertising platforms are really powerful and both you should treat carefully. They are both worth trying.

However, I find that Facebook is easier to manage. It’s easier to set up (personal experience) and not only you would get leads, you would attract lookalike audience too. One friend liked your page or post, maybe commented it - then Facebook showed that to other friend and so on. And generally, I find it easier to set up, change, it is more simplified comparing to Google ads.

Once you are familiar with all the options in Google Adwords, it is rather easy to manage. Just make sure to study all the options and their possible effects, as this can save you money and spare some trial-and-error iterations.

Both are fairly complex tools to use and require some time to master. That said you should choose your marketing tool according to the product or service you want to sell. I have been using Facebook, Google and also LinkedIn marketing with different level of success. To make people in you area aware of your business I’d use Facebook, to target people searching for a particular keyword I’d use Google AdWords and to target people in particular industry LinkedIn

I agree with Corobori that Facebook is for those businesses which simply need to make aware of their business as it connects mostly friends and families. Google Adwords can be used for targeted keywords.

Both of these advertising platforms, Facebook campaign is easier to manage, Using the adverts create tool, create a campaign by selecting an objective for the kind of results you want. the advertiser needs to know what specific action they are trying to get their target market to perform.

I have a site. I want to make good google campaign. Please let me know, How to do it?

I Think Both good at there own places has the in Social media is the best source of the marketing for your website and google can help you in the organic campaign so I Think both are good

I have tried several Facebook campaigns, I seem to get a huge amount of garbage traffic. Haven’t really achieved the ROI I wanted, and I have over 20 years exp in SEO/SEM and own a agency in Texas. Be careful with Facebook.


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What is your product? what are you advertising?

@hello298, I agree with your answer.

If you offer something that is able to be ordered immediately or post interesting articles, use Facebook ads. It should be more effective on each invested penny. But in the other cases only Google.

both campaigns are important there way…
we can choose campaign by our niche

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