Existing Company Not Showing Up

My background is coding websites and not marketing them online. Now I am trying to learn more about the latter.

I have a client who has had a website up for a couple of years, and was listed in one Google search for what he does (e.g. Mechanics in Seattle).

I built him and entirely new website which looks way better.

Unfortunately due to a coding issue, I had to take his site down all last week.

When I Google the company name now, he comes up and the Google listing looks the same as with his old website. However, when I search for his company using common search phrases (e.g. “Auto Repair in Seattle”, “Mechanics in Seattle”, “Volvo Repair in Seattle”) he isn’t listed anywhere?! :fearful:

I think I get how to write good copy and how the meta tags work, and I think that is all in order.

His new site has been online for maybe a week now, and yet it is as if he doesn’t exist to Google unless we search for his company name.

And I didn’t really pay attention before, but I think he is worse off now as far as Google results go than before when he had his old crappy website!


How can I fix this and how long will it take?

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