Google Business Listings & Certain Keywords

Hi There,
Curious to know everyone’s opinion getting a Google Business Listing to show up for particular keywords. Are there any tricks? Right now we have a client who runs a construction company but doesn’t seem to show up for particular keywords while his competitors do. Not sure how Google works with this and am curious to know of any tips?

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What exactly do you mean by “Google Business Listing”? Are you referring to Google My Business? Or Google Places? Or are you simply asking how to improve the client’s ranking in Google search results?

Also, what steps have you taken so far? It’s difficult for us to tell you where you might be going wrong if we don’t know what you have done.


If you want your client to appear in the listings that include phone number, address etc and come in the block before natural listings then you need to have a Google Plus page, get the business verified (by post) and get it on to Google maps then get at least 1 review.