Google Places

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this problem, but here it is anyway…
Can anyone tell me of any reason why a business has stopped ranking in Google places? I have a client who previously ranked for ‘keyword + county’ in the Google places section but is not there at all now.

For another site I manage, I did an entry for Google places but Google doesn’t seem to recognise the town.


As a preliminary question, did you do anything that may have violated the Google Places guidelines such as adding the location to the business name?

Did you optimize your Places listing (photos, description, category, etc.)?

If you do a search in Google Maps does it not show up at all?

Thanks for your reply. In neither case has the location been added to the business name. By optimising the Places listing do you mean is the listing complete? If so, yes both listings are complete. Neither case shows up in a search for the keyword + place name unless I add the business name onto the search.

Without knowing more about the listing it is hard to say what could be causing it. I know that some changes take 4 - 6 weeks to be reflected in the rankings, so if you have made any changes recently perhaps they are in flux at the moment.

I have heard that the response in the Google Places Forum is pretty good so you may want to post your question there to dig into it deeper. Sorry I cannot offer more help.!forum/business

I believe Google has 2 sides of a ‘Local Places’ listing. The live side which is what the users see and the Google backend side. I too had a problem with my Google Places profile <snip>

I used the report a problem link within my profile to report the issue. Google contacted me and advised that I should manually edit/re-submit the listing. I believe the backend profile had not synch’d with live profile.


Google Place listing is just like organic listing, if you rank today with the keyword local place word you should maintain it. (I actually don’t know how to rank with it, but maybe listing your site in all other local listing sites not only in Google.) Most specially if the keyword we wanted to rank had a tight competition.