Error when trying to create Child Theme

Hi I’ve created child themes before and its worked fine however I’ve just purchase Care theme and I’ve tried create one and it doesn’t work. I get this message at the bottom of my page

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete.

_Name Description _
Care child theme The parent theme is missing. Please install the “care” parent theme. Delete

The parent theme is there because I’m currently looking at it.
Ive created a functions.php and style.css aswell.

It’s difficult to be able to determine the source of the problem without taking a look at the theme (which is not free). Have you checked out the theme’s support? There are a few questions there about not being able to make a child theme and how to deal with it.

Looks like a problems with the style sheet @WebMachine @05beckga

you need to make sure that is correct, here is an example of the Twenty 15 stylesheet. you could refer to the Wordpress Codex also as it sounds like you are not getting things quite right…

I should mention that normally your child theme should have the same -child after the theme name as shown in the Twenty fifteen example, this is only an example, the information for your own theme should be inside your normal style.css, you will just probably just need to edit the Theme URL to whatever you create the child theme as…

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