Wordpress Theme Breaking on Migration to Live Site


I’ve developed a Wordpress site locally and have recently been trying to upload it to the server. Although every time I do so, the child theme I have created for the parent seems to break.

I can’t figure out why this is, as I can’t see anything that has changed. It says that “the parent theme is missing. Please install the “Propulsion” parent theme.” although it is clearly there, and can be activated.

It might be worth mentioning too that when I originally migrated the site, nothing would show up when I tried to visit the site, not even an error message. Support from Dreamhost then told me that no theme was activated, and activated the default theme for me. It was from here that I could see the error with the child theme.

I would just try and delete and reinstall the child theme, although when I do so I lose all of my theme options, custom templates etc. which have taken me quite a while to build, so really would be terrible if I had to start from scratch.

Is there a way I can perhaps export all this data from my local copy if I can’t get it working through a normal migration? I’m testing all this on a mirror of the site through Dreamhost, i’m not sure if that might have anything to do with the problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i’ve been battling with this for a while and am getting a little desperate!

Thanks again,


I’d try with this: locally activate twentyten theme, that export and import sql and files and if everything is fine, try to use your own theme than.
Or there’s something wrong with css file in your child or parent theme: check css file.
Hope that helps.

Hey, Thanks very much for your reply!

Sorry i’m not too sure what you mean by “locally activate twentyten theme, that export and import sql and files and if everything is fine, try to use your own theme than.” do you mean deactivate the theme on my local copy before exporting the databases?

This is what the head of my child theme css file looks like:

Theme Name: Delatite Theme
Author: admin
Template: Propulsion

(optional values you can add: Theme URI, Author URI, Version)

@import url(“…/propulsion/style.css”);

and the parent theme like this:

Theme Name: Propulsion
Version: 1.6
Author URI:

Although it was all working perfectly on my local copy so not sure what the problem might be…?