Child Theme Setup Problems

on this site I have a theme called Cearti installed. I tried to create a child theme setup and it doesnt seem to be overriding the parent theme.

If I firebug the homepage, and click on the CSS tab, it shows the following:

@import "";
@import "";
@import "";
@import "";

So I want to override the /Cearti/css/style.css and the /Cearti/css/orange.css files.

So I created and activated a Ceartichild theme and in there I have these files:
/themes/Ceartichild/style.css ( here’s the code)
/themes/Ceartichild/css/orange.css ( here’s the code)

Please advise why the child theme style files are not overriding the parent theme. Thanks in advance.

I am not a huge fan of child themes, but did youu have a look at:
It looks like you have to import orange.css on style.css

i figured it out. the style didnt need any import rules. I had to put the following in my header.php:

@import url(/wp-content/themes/Ceartichild/css/orange.css);