Entrepreneurial Benefit of Alibaba Cloud

Entrepreneurial Benefit of Alibaba Cloud
Introduction: Data Secured, Data Accessed, Life Made Easy.
Cloud computing simply puts enables convenience and access to shared resource with little management engagement. But the most important of cloud computing is the third-party aspect which enables organisations to channel their focus and energy on core businesses and profit making with little resource been spent on computer infrastructure, maintenance and the ‘big one’, security.
Alibaba Cloud as a third-party provider enriches small business owners, developers, hustlers, freelancers and at the same time offers security, convenience, cost reduction and assurance which can affords CEO’s and management staffs take a good night rest.
Cost: The hustler Mode
Alibaba Cloud offers a variety of Cloud services for free as trials. Alibaba Cloud like most Cloud service require certain level of IT skills for setup and implementation. As an entrepreneur or hustler, this serves as an advantage to make some money.
• Get to know the various products offered, register for Alibaba Cloud affiliate program.
• Select or list companies that these products will benefit, that mostly lacks the human or IT personnel in cloud computing. Benefits may include Global Storage Capacity, Database Reliability, Content Distribution Delivery Network, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service.
• Research the step by steps Implementation Process (Tutorials on Alibaba Cloud Website)
• let these selected company/individuals know the product is FREE and no payment is required for the (free trial) time duration offered by Alibaba Cloud.
• Charge affordable fee for setup/implementation as your service charge
Because of the numerous benefits Alibaba Cloud offers like; Flexibility, Storage and Networking, Stable Application, Security and the Reliability of the name ‘Alibaba’, the chance of these companies or individual opting to Upgrade from free trial to full user is very high. As a result, entrepreneurs/hustlers gets to;
• Buy the cloud service from Alibaba Cloud and upgrade the client , making additional money.
• Develop skills and experience while maintaining the service for the client (in situation where agreement for maintenance was reached).
• Choose or upgrade client through his/her Affiliate link and thus make additional pay.
Hustler’s Gold Mine
Alibaba Cloud offers a variety of Unique and Indispensable Products and Services for Enterprise that wants to stay afloat in these tsunamis of dynamic and ever evolving technological advancement. Cost and the debate whether it’s the best time to go Cloud might be a major hindrance to small and medium enterprise making the move to part with their money for Cloud Service. But storage of data, back up and retrieval is one thing no business can do without nor take lightly, this is the gold mine for entrepreneurs, hustlers and even Alibaba cloud itself. Object Storage Service (OSS) is the selling point; it is Alibaba Cloud storage service that enables the storage, back up, and arching any amount of data in the cloud. As an entrepreneur you can offer the benefits of free trial OSS to clients, charge your service fee for maintenance. Client already know they need these service and can come up with various options like local server, disk storage etc. Your catch is ‘the security, no bandwidth restriction, massive storage for images, audio/videos application and access to their data anywhere in the world’ offered by Alibaba Cloud.

Technical Skills (reference documentation from Alibaba cloud website): As an entrepreneur or hustler, you need to know the;

  1. Basic concept of OSS like bucket for upload of files, objects which connotes your files, naming conventions, access keys for verification purposes, permissions, security measures, region which represent OSS data center physical location, endpoint which is the domain name for accessing OSS, synchronisations, HTTP header modifications, image processing, APIs & SDKs, etc.
  2. OSS storage classes which are Standard, Infrequent Access, and Archive. Knowing about OSS object type conversion is crucial because of prices charge for converted storage class. Please note that Archive storage class has the lowest price.
  3. Access and Control:
    • Be conversant with domain name configuration, domain names for different regions, and internet/intranet endpoint for various regions.
    • Access OSS through internet attracts charges for the outbound traffic while the inbound traffic if free. For intranet, both traffic are free i.e. write and read.
    • OSS can be access through console provided on the services; it can also be accessed through SDKs and APIs.
    • OSS AccessKey which is Alibaba Cloud account AccessKeys, RAM account AccessKeys, and STS account AccessKeys.
    • Methods of authentication, namely; AK authentication, RAM authentication, and STS authentication.
    • Permission Control: Bucket-level permissions, Object-level permissions, and Account-level permissions (RAM).
  4. Know how to;
    • Sign Client up for OSS
    • Create Bucket for Client: Bucket must be created before any data can be uploaded. Bucket name must be unique and once created its name and region cannot be change.
    • Upload Objects for client: For object not more than 5GB a simple upload can be used using the Put Object method in the OSS API. For Form upload, the Post Object method in the OSS API is used, also maximum size is 5GB. Object larger than 5GB can be uploaded using the multipart upload. Multipart upload comes very handy in the case of poor network connectivity as only failed part of an upload is required for re-upload instead of all parts. In a situation where modification is needed for an uploaded object, append object method can be used to directly append content to the end of the object which is instantly readable.
    • Download Files: Uploaded files can be downloaded through an HTTP GET request.
    • Copy Objects for Client: Using OSS CopyObject, objects can be directly copied within the OSS. Note that data cannot be copied across regions, objects of up to 1GB are supported and appended objects cannot be copied.
    • Delete Objects: Uploaded objects can be deleted using single deletion for a specified object, batch deletion for up to 1000 objects at one time, auto deletion for large numbers of objects according to certain rules.
    • Delete Bucket: To delete bucket, all objects and fragments in the bucket must first be deleted.
  5. Security Management: Set access logging, follow the object naming rules for access logging and log file format, set Anti-leech, use server-side encryption feature of OSS, set security token.
  6. Monitoring: metric data, basic system operations statutes, performance, and metering details can all be monitored through the OSS monitoring service.
  7. Most important of all is you going online, https://www.alibabacloud.com/help/product/31815.htm download the OSS documentations and study them thoroughly.
    Prepare your proposal with the benefits of using OSS and Alibaba cloud FREE trial well spelt out, boldly approach your chosen companies and seal the deal.

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