How does Alibaba compare?

How does Alibaba Cloud compare with similar services from Google and Amazon? I’m thinking of things like facilities offered, ease of use, price, etc. Does anyone have experience of two or more services they can share?

I haven’t used Google’s cloud products lately, but in general, I would say that Alibaba is quite strong, comparably. I wouldn’t say they are much behind any competitor.

Especially as a newcomer.

Range of products is quite good.

The documentation could be a bit better.

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Alibaba cloud provides the same services but the below is where it differentiates

  • Compared with the peers Alibaba Cloud is economical with similar performance.
  • Also has the best in industry security products. They have good experience in defending those.
  • You can find so many attractive offers to the startups and businesses.
  • They have great Big Data & Analytics products which are enterprise ready.
    I can list some of the features, Do visit for more information.


Having used Google Cloud Platform quite extensively, what I’ve seen from Alibaba so far I found quite confusing. Just creating an ECS instance already presented with a lot of questions where I was unsure what the question even meant. With Google Cloud Platform there is a question mark next to every question where if you hover it it will give you a short description of what the question is about, which is helpful.

I haven’t used AWS a lot, but compared that just feels like a maze. I can’t find anything there, either in the UI or in the docs :confused:

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AWS UI is so bad. Some of the docs are good if you can find what you want I will give them that but the UI is very confusing and make it a lot harder than it should be.


Alibaba Cloud is quite affordable with some ECS instances prices starting for as low as $4.5/month. Google is far more expensive.

Also creating an ECS instance on Alibaba Cloud takes only a few minutes and there are good documents for getting you started when it comes to provisioning your server for the first time e.g. How to Set Up Your First Ubuntu 16.04 Server on Alibaba Cloud

Also expect a few add-ons when you signup with Alibaba Cloud e.g. free trial credit worth up to $1200 to test over 40 products, basic DDoS protection e.t.c

Also Alibaba cloud is the official ‘cloud services’ provider of the Olympics and this shows they have a record-breaking cloud computing infrastructure - thanks to their fastest RAMs and latest CPUs.

I’ve created ECS instances many times, never took me more than five minutes

I know WikipediA isn’t the “one ring to rule them all” but I was surprised that Alibaba Cloud was nowhere to be found on this page

The comparison page was edited 5 days ago, yet (according to its WikipediA page) Alibaba Cloud was founded in 2009. Nine years seems like a long time to not even have gotten at least some type of an “honorable mention” in the comparison page by now.

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I presume including a company should be expected to be initiated by the company itself, or its enthusiastic users in the west.

I’m not sure if they are here since 2009, but their expansion west is a bit newer endeavor I think

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