Alibaba Linux Server Configuration Tip

Alibaba Cloud has different setups for more than one servers. The Linux server is used for many reasons. Many people are new to Alibaba and hence they need a proper guide to configure the Linux server at Alibaba. This is a detailed guide for three different ways to configure the Linux server. It actually includes the tips to use it for your ease. It is also assisted with the screenshots of the steps.

The three steps to set up Linux server:

These are the easiest methods which are useful not only to set up the Linux server on Alibaba cloud but also for getting the stack of whole software functionally active. For a detailed version, you will require to visit the Alibaba Cloud Market.

There is an article written, “Alibaba Cloud Tech Share” by the author Bin Chen. Tech Share is the incentive program of the Alibaba Cloud and it is designed to encourage and spread the knowledge of the technology. It is also used to create the best practices and use of the technology within the community of the cloud.

New users:

It might be quite confusing for the beginners to adjust to the community of the cloud where everybody deals and talks in all the technical terms. You don’t need to get panic and feel left out because this guide will explain you all the factors of Alibaba cloud and its servers. You might wonder if you are a new user of Alibaba, that how you can set up a server on the cloud. Do I have to purchase it? And if yes, then how? These are the questions that might arise in a blank mind. Well, here is the perfect guide waiting for you to read it.

You may require a Linux server for your cloud and in this article, the three different ways are explained that you can follow to set up the Linux server in your cloud.

Now, the first question, why you would want Linux specifically. The answer is that this is the best operating system so far. This one is my favorite too. So I would refer you this one. These steps are also applicable to purchase the server for Windows because they are almost identical. The table given below gives you a summary of the different methods along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Method Advantage Disadvantage
Alibaba Cloud Marketplace It is one of the fastest ways which is used for getting a stack of functions It is quite less customizable than the other two methods
ECS Starter Package If talking about the costs for the transfers of large data then this one is the most effective one The method of billing is fixed, hence there is no space for the bargain
ECS Console Everything available is customizable It is often difficult to use for the beginners and hence it is avoided to recommend

Method 1: The Alibaba Cloud Marketplace

This is the easiest method and so most recommended for the beginners especially. This is the fastest way to get the servers of any kind for your app of Alibaba. There are no complicated links to follow for getting the server. It not only provides the servers but also the functional software stack. To get the Linux server, you just have to open the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.

This will be the view when you open the web page of Alibaba.
Then next you will have to select the product that you want. If you scroll down, you will see the following view,

There are different categories of products that you might want to purchase. As in this article, we are talking about the Operating systems, then you will click the option of operating systems.

After that, you select the Linux and there you are, ready to use the Alibaba Marketplace.

Method 2: ECS Starter Package

It is used if you want a dynamic website to host but you have a specific range of the bandwidth. It will offer different packages, out of which one you will select according to the desired configurations.

You will open the Alibaba Cloud and enter the ECS Starter Packages in the bar. What you will get is given below,

This just gives you a plan. You will first select the starting point that you can afford or desire. If for example, you have selected the Starter option of $4.50 then you will click on the server option of $4.50. Then you will log in to your account of Alibaba which is required for this method.

After you have logged in the account, you will see different packages available on the page. You will choose from the packages that suit your design.

You will have to scroll down to see the options for the operating system and select from them.

There will be nine different configurations that all will provide you a base system for the environment. It will be ready for you to install the software. The image tab of the Marketplace will show you the images like WordPress on Lamp which includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, already being installed. In this article, only the base image will be discussed. It includes the minimum of additional configuration.

Method 3: ECS Console

This method is intimidating for the new users to follow but it is simple enough to understand. Mostly, users expect it to be complicated but it is not as much as it seems. It is almost very similar to the use of products from any other cloud. It does not require the cloud computing in the background.

Billing method It has generally two methods of billing: Subscription (prepaid) and another one Pay-As-You-Go which is post-paid. To experience on the servers of the ECS PAYG is one on the best options.
Region In this, each region is considered as the separate area geographically. The latency of the network is affected by the chosen region. The server that you use is also a subject of proper security and laws of compliance according to the jurisdiction of the server.
Instance type The application that you use affects or decides how much powerful server you want or get.
Image The operating system in our case is Linux.
Storage It is the system for storage. Large files like multimedia files should be stored at the Object Storage Service (OSS) rather than system storage.