What are some ways of getting free credit for Alibaba Cloud?

Every cloud computing company is boasting of free credits for new signups. How can one obtain free Alibaba Cloud credits?

Alibaba cloud offer free trial for all new customers . All you have to do is register and automatically receive free credits worth $300.

The $300 credit is split across two areas: $50 is allocated to Elastic Compute Server (ECS) instances, Server Load Balancer and Elastic IPs.
The other $250 is for database, data, media, network, and security services such as ApsaraDB, Object Storage Service, Table Store, Content Delivery Network, Data Transmission Service, E-MapReduce, Anti-DDoS Pro, Mobile Security, Web Application Firewall and ApsaraVideo Live.

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Another way of getting free Credits is through their referral program…

You will $20-$300 in credit for each friend that spends $20 or more. You can get more details about their referral program here.

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Well, not every cloud computing company. IBM Cloud offers free signup with no credit card needed for Lite accounts, no credits involved.

Sadly, one way is for a member to participate in spamming forums. Sad because how good can something be if it needs to encourage its members to spam instead of growing on its own merits?

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Forums are great for asking and answering questions. In addition to this, they provide a better avenue for sharing ideas with other members and even initiating healthy discussions that can help new members using a service while addressing customer’s pain points through experience.

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<rhetorical question>
Is one required to supply billing information (a credit card?) to register so one can try the free trial?
</rhetorical question>

<decision tree>
  IF “yes”, GoodBye.   Connection Terminated
  IF “no”, I’ll try to try it.
</decision tree>

You require a credit card . Credit card details are used for verification and the amount will be credit back immediately. Then you are credited with free tier, you can browse through many products there and the market place.