Entertainment site question

I was thinking about creating an entertainment site for my next publication site and I was wondering about how to get the content. I was browsing other entertainment sites and I noticed that many of them have some of the same videos and games. Do they just take the content from other sites and put it on thiers? That seems like a no-no to me but I noticed that some of the viedos have the URL branded right in the video so maybe they don’t care…

Anyhow any help or ideas on this would be great, Thanks!

Yup, that’s what most do. Even Ebaumsworld did it and I think they are still doing it.

humm… Interesting. Ebaumsworld was one of the sites that I noticed it on too. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Not necessarily. I know some people who submit to Newgrounds hate it when their work spreads to other sites. It’s probably best to ask the original author for permission. Unfortunately, the majority of sites don’t do this.

Yep, I would suggest to get your own content.

i guess Ebaumsworld site :slight_smile: