Hello, i want make a website with online films

Hello guys,
I wanna make some website with online films. Like is Netflix, HBO Films
I have design of my website… coded my site and more anothers stuffs.
But if i make video player with film like venom online.
Is that problem? if i didnt uploading on my website? just i set url of source of this film? is it legal?
If i take source of film to my website?

If you are simply linking to the other site, and sending visitors to that other site to watch the film, then I can’t see why there would be a problem (provided they have the rights to show that film, of course).

If you are using somebody else’s content on your site without their permission, then that’s content theft and definitely not legal.

That’s an impossible question for a random forum on the internet to answer from just the statement ‘i set url’. Go read the terms of service of whatever website you’re pulling the URL from.

Then i’m pretty sure the film company will have it’s lawyers at your door to cease and desist your copyright infringement by publicly displaying their movie without a licensing agreement. But i’m not a lawyer, and this isn’t legal advice.

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