Is there any site where i found content for using in my site?

hello friends,
i just want to know that is it any site available where i found content related to my topic and make some changes and use in my site as a content.

Do you really think web visitors want to see the same old re-worded, re-hashed, re-written content again and again? If you don’t have anything different to say on a website, you shouldn’t bother saying anything at all.

As I just flagged aaabha for a scrape from this forum, I would be surprised if this isn’t a scraped post as well.

I shan’t bother looking, I’ve already found several scrapes already.

Making changes to and using content without the permission of the author is called plagiarism. It’s illegal.

As tke said, your only option is to buy articles from a plr site. Here’s an article on how they work:

Even so, you must follow their membership terms and conditions of use. Just like anywhere else, there’s no free ride on the Internet.

Write your own content and give it your own style and your own angle.
If you can’t write to a good enough standard yourself you can always buy the content or have it written for you. I’d make sure you use a reputable source though like Constant Content for example.

If you’ve got an established site with lots of your own articles, no-one is going to mind if occasionally you have an article that is aggregated content from other sources, a “ten best sites to look at for…”, we have those kind of articles here on Sitepoint from time to time. But that’s a completely different kettle of fish from having a site whose only content is rehashing other people’s work. What reason are you giving people to visit your site rather than the ones with the original articles? If you’re not adding anything new, don’t do it.

The only ‘right’ way is, write your own content It sounds more difficult than it is . Do plenty of research on your chosen subject/ niche, then write in your own words, take your time, pick your keywords well, then edit , and voila, unique content.

Dude, if you had the initiative to have a website you also have to think to populate it with your own creations. You can inspire from an website, you can take an idea, a theme, but the rest, do it yourself.

Boy that’s a good one, isn’t it? Tell you what, zhubajian2010, consolidate my resources and I’ll do my best to get your resources removed from the web. :injured:

‘Resource consolidation’ - a comfortable, happy-clappy new buzzword for good old plagiarism? :wink:


Buy PLR content, it’s quite cheap. “Hire” an article rewriter tool, produce 99 articles and here you go, you’ve got yourself lots of articles with low investment. But DO NOT steal other people’s work.

I agree with what Shyflower had told. Unless you have something unique, interesting to share with your site visitors, they won’t stick around. You just can’t fool them with scrapped, rehashed content.

Friend, writing a similar content to other websites is not affective. You may have a similar idea but you express this idea in a different way and give more solutions to the problem you talk about, this way you can introduce valuable information to your visitors, but taking someone else content will not work. Good luck!

Are you serious? You really aren’t planning on taking someone else’s work are you? I am sorry to tell you this, but if you are even considering stealing content then you are certainly in the wrong business!!!:nono:

There is many sites to find content for your website but I would not recommend it. It is better to write for yourself, believe me :wink:

I agree with everyone else your best action and really the only “right” thing to do is to buy PLR articles. Luckily, they are really cheap though and you will want to rewrite the articles. You need to do a good enough job with the rewrites though because I hear (never used PLR articles myself since I am also an article writer) that article directories don’t like them unless they are rewritten enough to basically being a new article, but they would be okay on a website I believe.

Unless you go to a PLR site and buy the rights to the content, no.

change content is not so easy.because Search Engineer will find the same content in two or more site will affect your PR.and the right is also a big problem which need to deal with.