Enom or Godaddy reseller

Which is better? Enom or Godaddy domain reseller? From the price, Godaddy is much lower.

As far as tools and integration with software such as WHMCS Enom wins hands down. However, as you said Godaddy has the cheaper prices.


Godaddy has has problems reported in this board with the manner in which they deal with their clients. IMHO, the problems discussed tell me not to give them a try. Do a search here and make up your own mind, though.



My vote goes for Enom since it is integrated with whmcs. I don’t know how you intend to resell, but Enom’s api is great!

I have experience with GoDaddy and Enom and I highly recommended Enom for numerous reasons. Enom’s website is more user friendly and I believe is worth the higher prices.

If your just trying to sell domain names godaddy because of the low price. If your hosting sites for clients i would not use godaddy.

Godaddy’s business is in selling domains. Anything after that is simply an upsell.

I prefer godaddy because its quite cheap.

I used to be a fan of Enom when they provided domain name registration for the end users and not for the resellers only. So if I were you I would chose Enom.

True, and if they have something resembling a reputation, it is for their domain registering business. Somehow, I have a hunch that it may not be the most profitable part of their activity though, and that upselling pays a key role in Godaddy’s overall health.

I am selling domains with godaddy and i havent problems yet

I’ve had no problems with Godaddy, they seem to do a good job and they make it their business to put good services. Those are the reasons why they are popular.

I think godaddy is better.

NetEarthOne is good as is ResellerClub as far as the service itself however the control panel they both use is a pain to get used to… We’ve been using it for 3 years and I have it down pat but the first month or so … was … difficult.

Beyond that, I’d choose Enom over GoDaddy any day of the week.

Godaddy is better because of the price, and free to push functions

Maybe better for the end-user, but not better from a reseller standpoint imho.

I will highly recommend using the ENOM reseller account. Quite easy to manage registration. Simple and clear terms.

The only downside to Enom versus NEO or ResellerClub/DirectI is the minimum deposit. It’s not such a big deal for a larger provider but for a new provider starting out on a reseller plan $100 could be a big chunk of change.

Oh yes, most of the users indeed find the minimum deposit very inconvenient, especially if you register domains rarely for your customers.

I would recommend Enom :slight_smile: