VirtueMart vs OScommerce?

I have a client that wants to build a massive ecommerce site. About 200 different vendors and thousands of products. They also want to have the 30 second commercials on the product pages and integrate banner ads. The site will have about 5 category/subcategories.

Typically I would build this in oscommerce, but I have been trying to move all my php development to joomla lately as it seems that all of my clients want all the calendar/social functionality too.

Is this doable in joomla? Should I do it in oscommerce? is there maybe a 3rd option? Anyone have any suggestions/insight?


Well I use both VM and osC and use Joomla. The issue could come down to the number of add ons your customer wants. VM does not have that many and support is not good at all.

If you client is really heading into ecommerce in a big way as the focus of his/her business then sadly osC might be the only choice.

Thanks for your reply. I was thinking the same way.

What really scared me is that they want the ability for manufacturers to be able to log in and see how their products are selling (they arent changing prices, or adding new products or anything… but still seeing some data)

From what I heard that is 100% impossible in joomla, but doable in OSC.

where in nashville are you? I am moving there in a few months.

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I am in Smyrna about 15 miles southeast.

Why don’t you consider something else like Magento or Prestashop? You can easily move all data with cart2cart guys and the problem will be solved.

There are lots of scripts. I used osC, VM and Avactis. Among them, I liked Avactis most. You have to finalize your own decision which software you need. I suggest you at first, collect 4/5 popular scripts and install them. Then make difference among them and be sure which script is fit for your demands. Finally, work with it.