Best eCommerce Solution For An Upcoming Company

Hi guys, I need advice. I am starting a business and need to know what currently is the best eCommerce system that will support this:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Affiliate System
  • Supports Multiple Merchant Gateways
  • Integrates With USPS
  • Allows Multiple Users (Employees) To Do Common Tasks

Does anyone have a suggestion?

I am in web development field since last 8 years and I will prefer not to go for x-cart and zen cart. If you are having a corporate level good amount of business and you can afford to pay high amount to developers then I will prefer you to go for Magento OR PrestaShop. They are just the best with much more advance functionality. But if you are looking for a cheap solution then go for Joomla/VirtueMart OR OsCommerce Solution. Both are the best ones and I’ve developed a lot store using them.

I think Virtuemart supports most, if not everything, of what you need.

i suggest you to search on google and search and look for feedback and come back here with results and ask us then we will be able to answer you if the site is authenticated.

> Allows Multiple Users (Employees) To Do Common Tasks

You need ACL (Access control list) feature?

We are looking at X-Cart, has anyone used that? @Avactis, basically we would need staff who just do basic things on the store, like fulfill orders etc…

We have advanced ACL system as a module. Our support can install it for you.

You can create several staff accounts with different roles:

We have been working with X-cart since 2002. X-Cart offers a shopping cart that meets all of your requirements at a reasonably priced solution. Another thing you may want to consider is PCI compliance. If you aren’t PCI compliant then you will not be able to accept the major credit cards on your site. X-Cart has a solution for that as well.

Good Luck with your decision.

Regards BCSE

How much would it cost to have a full custom E-Commerce website with Magento installed in it? The website should have a different access for retail customers and wholesale customers. and wedding registry (wishlist) customers.


I’m confused about 1 aspect of your request:

*Supports multiple Merchant gateways

Are you trying to run multiple gateways
at one time or simply trying to ensure that
your gateway will be compatible?

It also sounds like you’re shipping physical
items so you wouldl likely benefit from a
dedicated Fulfillment Module that’s integrated
with your shopping cart.

There are also some other factors that you
did not specify but are really important such
as ease of payment of affiliates, special
accomodations for Super Affiliates, etc.

Try opencart
We switched to opencart. Fun to work with.

I would advise you to use Prestashop! It has many plugins

We decided to use CS Cart. The interface, payment modules, and smarty template system integration is amazing.

I curerently use Magento for my store and really like it however it is a really steep learning curve.

I also just built another site using PrestaShop and loved it. Much easier to get to grips with, open source and lots of free/paid for modules.

A robust fulfillment process / system has become
a much more important aspect of a web business
as more people discover the profits and other
benefits of shipping a “real product” versus a
digital download.

Not to say digital is bad… but you can combine a
digital sale with a physical product up sell and boost
your revenue and profits without doing anything but
providing the exact same product in multiple formats.

Not to mention the positive improvement in your refund
rate (MUCH Lower).

You can even combine a recurring physical product with
a membership system … this works really well!

I think that magento is the best option for programer with high knowledge, prestashop is the best option for user with few knowledge and oscomerce is the best option if you want much modules and options for install

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