eCommerce Professional Advice Required

Hi there,
I am hoping there is an eCommerce professional that can provide specific advice of what I require.

I would like to create a central eCommerce store (‘Central Store’) which contains a few hundred products.

Then, I would like to create a few hundred other stores (‘Local Stores’) set up that use a product feed from the Central to display particular products.

Ideally, I would like have the functionality to randomize the products being fed from time to time.

I would also like to have an affiliate program that is integrated with the product feed so Local Store owners will get a commission when purchases are made from their Local Store.

thanks in advance,


Undoubtedly, your project is very ambitious. I really like your idea. I have a question about the affiliate program. How would you do?

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The affiliate program would need to be managed from a central location on the Central Store - so it would have to be integrated so that when we generate the feed to the Local Store, it would need to generate affiliate code for each feed. This the considerations that we would require in the development.

I was really wondering if any off the shelf products/plugins are already made for this purpose - I can’t imagine that we would be the only ones that are going to be doing this… would save a HEAP of development time, that’s for sure!

All except for the “randomized” part, the Americommerce shopping cart platform would meet your needs.

For building a professional ecommerce site it will better to talk to some professionals who have already deal some projects or sites and ask from few different peoples. They will come up with good suggestions and solutions to handle this , ways to promote and manage it.

it could be a very interesting project. but it requires lots time and good understanding of your idea and the whole process. experts in ecommerce could assist you.