Ecommerce advice

hello please i have a site that already uses different product feed from different store, but i approached a store and i was told they do not have a product feed , but i can come and snap pictures and i would be updated with the prices everytime it changes.please i am a a low average php coder and xhtml.what book can you advice me to read so as to be able to create something like a feed from the data i get from the shop

Assuming you are getting information from a database, brush up on a PHP + Mysql book. The standards for rss (assuming that is the product feed type) can be found online with recommendations. The goal is read information from the database, and output it as RSS (or whatever the product feed type is).
If you know the Databaset type, and feed type we might be able to recommend some more to the point reading.

If you are not getting a feed from the shop do you have any access to the data or are they expecting you to manually save and post products?

the shop wants me to take the picture of the products and they will send me the price list on a daily basis

That’s painful but if you can’t get anything more regular, your best bet is to automate the prices as best you can.

Perhaps they can send you prices in a CSV format and build a little import script to update those?

Do you know what ecommerce system they use?

its a cash and carry shop , so they are not online, i am not sure of the format they will send it, but i guess it might be in excell

excel can export to CSV. If you build a table like this:
Title, Img, Prc, Desc
item1, /item1.jpg, $2.00, “This is a nice item”

it can be turned into an RSS feed doing CSV read

echo '<rss version=“2.0” >
$f = fopen(‘productlist.csv’, ‘r’);
while($row = fgetcsv($f))
echo ‘<item>’, ‘<title>’, $row[0], ‘</title>’, ‘<description>’, ‘<img src="’, $domain, $row[1], ‘" alt=“” /><p>’, $row[3], ‘</p></description>’, … ‘</item>’;

echo ‘</channel></rss>’;

As example.

reading a CSV returns a row, indexed starting at 0, of all the elements in the csv row. Then wrap those in the needed feed tags.