Need Ready and safe Affiliate Program for E-Commerce my website

I want to build a ecommerce website which sells computer hardware accessories. I am planning to use ebay Affiliate Program for that.
Is it the right decision?
If no? Then What are the other and best ways to generate revenue out of it?

My answer would be yes. Affiliating would be a nice idea. And this would lead to conversion leads.

Amazon has a pretty good affiliate program as well.

why not just run your own affiliate program that integrates into your site like idevaffiliate or something like that.

Fraud. Management. Support. Participants. There’s many cons and only a few pros to running your own program early on [things change when you’re a large player] and only a few pros to stack up against them. If you don’t come in with a large base or very unique value prop it’s rarely a good way to go.

You could consider collaborating with Pepperjam or Shareasale. Both of these affiliate networks go pretty well with e-Commerce websites. Amongst these both i would suggest that you go with PepperJam because it has got wider brand options and better reputation than SAS.

Many ecommerce platforms have their own affiliate program like 3dCart, which is beneficial because you can freely talk about the platform that you’re using to help other ecommerce merchants. Someone suggested [URL=“”]ShareASale and that’s a great options, I also suggest that you look into [URL=“”]Commission Junction as well. There are many out there, but know that it will be hard.