What makes more money an eBook or affiliate marketing / Google Adsense


I’m interested in trying to earn a little extra cash either writing a short eBook to sell at around £1.99 about fitness training or build a site with adsense links on there which has content relating to fitness training. Has either of these options actually made anyone money and if so can you give me a rough indictaion of what ballpark I should be looking at making. Can anyoen suggest which route I should try first?

Many thanks

Hi - Just wondered if anyone has had any thoughts on this? Any real world examples of either with a rough indication of numbers would be great. Many thanks in advance

Hi there,

Actually you can bank a lot of money with either of those methods. You just need to choose which method do you want to test first. No method is perfect, you just got to keep learning how to make money with these. Google is your friend.


This is a great link for your question - shoutmeloud.com/affiliate-marketing-vs-adsense.html

affiliate marketing is different than adsense mate, if you are in for adsense then it is good for small passive earnings but also does not require much work, but if you are interested in serious money then go for affiliate marketing as it ca be a good long term financial decision.

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