Selling an ebook!

Hi! What site can I use to sell a good ebook, but for free… I understand Clickbank requires a fee about 50$ or so and other such program I can’t find!

Your own!

You can use PayPal, and they just take a small proportion of the sale; so just increase the price of your ebook by that much, and it’s effectively free. :wink:

I don’t understand what is this Paypal thing… :slight_smile: I knew that can be used to make payment by net but how can a transaction money-download can be done with it? They have some special feature that allow secure downloads from the sites that sell? What if I buy something by Paypal and I don’t get that download?

Lulu or amazon or etc. I just wrote one and doing the same. I don’t think I’ll even bother with trying to sell it on my own site.

Spend a little time on the paypal site and you’ll see how you can easily setup a business account to accept credit card payments from others.

Lulu and Amazon’s Create Space service are great too, but they’ll typically take a larger cut of your profits because they’ll make your book available in their marketplaces.

I think Clickbank offers a great service as well, but they’re probably best if you want an easy way to signup affiliates to promote your book for you. If you only intend to sell it yourself, I’d look at the paypal option first and then LuLu or createspace.


I think clickbank is well worth the $50 just so you can get other affiliates selling your book for you. If it is something that others can easily sell then you should make your $50 back in no time, especially if you are not the only one selling it.

I am not very good at this credit card, paypal and other such kind of tools… I want something easy like selling the ebook and get the money by check or bank transfer. Why everything must be so complicated???

That’s exactly what the services mentioned here will do for you. Take the order, process the payment, provide a download link for the user and give you the option to get a check or transfer funds to your bank account.

Only way I can see to get any easier is if you paid someone else to set things up for you, but that’s 1) Not secure, 2) probably not permitted by these services and 3) will cost you to pay someone to do it for you.

If you have more money than you do time, paying someone to do this for you or walk you through the process may make sense, but if you have more time than money right now, spend a few minutes at paypal, lulu and createspace and see what’s involved to do this for yourself. I think you’ll find it easier than you think.

There is a handy plugin for your site that will handle downloads in conjucntion with PayPal, called LinkLok. I’ve used it and it’s very good, and not hard to set up.

I want something easy like selling the ebook and get the money by check or bank transfer. Why everything must be so complicated???

We must have different ideas about what is complicated. If you let people buy by credit card and download products, it all happens while you sleep peacefully. :slight_smile:

I don’t have credit card nor bank account and I never used Paypal… so what options do you think I have?

You don’t need a credit card to have a PayPal account (I don’t think). But I’d be surprised if you could bank a cheque if you don’t have a bank account. Do you keep all your money as cash under your pillow?! I think you at least need a bank account. Normally they don’t cost anything to open. Whatever online system you use to sell things, you need somewhere for the money to be deposited, and an account from which you can be debited if needed. I don’t think it’s really realistic to sell online and rely on paper cheques alone.

But with Adsense how is possible to use just Western Union and in other places is much complicated??

As far as I know, Adsense requires a credit card. And as far as I know, “Western Union” is synonomous with “lose your money”.

Lulu and others are free? Clickbank is paid…

you can go with plimus, regnow and many more just search on google

If you don’t have a credit card or bank account for the money, your probably out of luck, no decent provider of financial transaction services is going to trust ANYONE who can’t prove their identity with something like a credit card or band account to ensure their a real person and not a Nigerian scam artist. PayPal is by far the easiest way to transfer money and receive payments as once it’s up and running it’s pretty much entirely self-perpetuated and doesn’t need you to do anything else (it’ll do the work for you). I recommend you get a book like PayPal for dummies and actually learn this “stuff” because it’s important you know what your doing when you take other peoples money (especially when you’re LEGALLY responsible for them as a customer for the service they receive).

Why everything must be so complicated???

If you feel that way, I would say don’t even bother trying to get into business. There’s a reason why we’re not all millionaires on the Internet. Making money requires a good business head, the knowledge of how to use products and services and it’s certainly not for everyone… especially if you want it to be like working for someone else (as in they deal with all your problems like ensuring you still have a job for free and just pay you to dance around like a happy elf). Even if the process was that simple, what if one of your customers wants a refund, what if they have a problem with your product, what if there’s something else they need to ask you about… do you expect someone else to freely do all the work for you while you sit back and make the money? Life doesn’t work that way, it requires time and effort. :slight_smile:

so if I have a premium paypal account which I saw is also free… can I get paid by customers? I see there is a limit of 100$ for sending money… there is a limit also for receiving ?? or I just did not confirm my email address and that is why I have this limit? maybe after I confirm then I will not have limits?

PAYPAL can be used for these payments?

Yes, that’s primarily what PayPal is… it’s a method for sending and receiving money on the Internet, surely you’ve seen websites that use PayPal for payments before, their everywhere. It’s more than just a service for eBay, it’s a fully fledged e-merchant service. :slight_smile:

You don’t need a premium account, you can do it with their free Website Payments Standard package… when you verify the account using email, phone, credit cards, bank details or whatever it requires, your limit will be increased (as you’ll have proven you are trustworthy). But yes… you can get paid by customers using their shopping cart integration, instant payment notification, and their other “add a button” style features fairly quickly and easily. :slight_smile: