Which e-commerce app should I choose?

Hi everyone,

I am building a site for someone and since I am pretty new to e-commerce here are a list of things I need. I did see the list in the sticky up top, but still don’t know.

I need the site to do the following:

Accept all payment methods…credit card (preferably with the option for live and offline CC payments) as well as paypal, etc.

Shipping costs based on zip codes (USPS etc.)

A feature where one product comes up and in the same window it shows other “related” products that work with the current one.

Excel features to upload database and back up database into excel.

Thanks!!! I really appreciate anyone who can help me by reccomending one. I would not mind a free one, but am willing to spend about $200 on software if need be.

Thanks again!

  • John

anyone? :frowning:

I know there’s a lot of options but have you looked through the SitePoint Comprehensive List of eCommerce Software / Systems ?

If not, I suggest you poke through it as you’ll find dozens of carts that will meet your budget needs and can be evaluated against the ideal featureset you want (OSCommerce, Agora Cart are a few to start looking at). Keep in mind that when you deal with cheaper carts you tend to be more or less on your own for support and adding features, but with the benefit of larger developer communities so there’s definitely a tradeoff to be considered.

I think that youmaybe need to integrate existing payment systems into your own ecommerce.

How about Joomla combined with virtuemart? It’s a popular combination for ecommerce sites.

I would need to do both?

I was looking at one called ClickCart Pro.

I would prefer not having to install multiple things…instead just one.

Is this possible? Thanks.

why dont u try zen cart or magento?

Try out www.viart.com

It contains Shopping Cart + CMS + Forum + Helpdesk + Call Center + Ads

All in one

Magento could be tyhe best option for you. If you dont want to gp for it then you can run your online business by adding shopping cart in your page. The shopping cart you can get from Paypal dot com which can accept credit card and other form of payment.

Zen cart is OK, good for you

I’d say Magento… that way you get a lot of functionality… a growing developer community and it should be fairly scalable to your business needs

Do NOT try this product! Nothing but a headache. I’m not convinced that its not some sort of over seas scam. They want your personal info just to see a demo of the software!

I love ClickCart Pro now, used Zen Cart previously but find CCP easier to get the way I want plus a few more advantages, which you get for paying for it rather than it being free. It comes with SEO URLs inbuilt, Zen was a ***** to do this for and I get loads of spam mail through the contact script of Zen as it is such a widely used free cart without the image verification for robots.

CCP 7 is being released over the next week or so with further improvements though at the mo doesn’t include product reviews so compare the features!

I made agwoodcare.co.uk with CCP but custom built the menu. It does very well!

zen-cart is good enough. but the drawback is there are not a lot of free template.

I heard Zencart is really hard to configure and you don’t want to be tangled with it’s disorganized coding and scripts because it is utterly scattered. I would say use OScommerce because they are the most prominent on the web at the moment and the most used.

Zen Cart is a flavour or rather an offshoot of OsCommerce is it not. Being the most popular doesn’t mean the best. They are more likely to get hacked. My Zen Cart admin has been hacked and the inbuilt email script is easily abused for spam. If you are going to make money from an E-commerce store don’t be put off by the paid ones I say!

You can try Prestashop as it’s a Free Open-Source e-Commerce Software for Web 2.0…and has all the functionalities that you have mentioned…Installation is an ease.!

payment system is just a part of e-commerical site, you need to consider lots of things.

I can also recommend ZenCart. First of all it is for free and there is a plenty of free modules.

i recommend osCommerce