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I’m trying to renew my store, since my last one didn’t work as well as I wanted. I have a list of requirements and wanted to ask you guys that are experts in this subject of e-carts and hosting. I was checking out BigCommerce in detail, and it seems very fine for the price and all. I also saw Magento, Oscommerce, Xcart Pro, CRE Loaded, ShopsitePro, among others…

I need something fast, reliable, stable, and very professional (Hosted is an option, and unlimited products upload). Something that shows trust, service, and liability. I’ve heard BigCommerce can achieve this, but I just want to make sure about making the right choice.

This is the list:

  1. Customers may choose to bill their own UPS or FedEx account - Or - Customer pick up with terms acceptance window regarding location availability verification requirement, etc.

  2. URL will represent product(s) listed

  3. CC processing info will feed straight into, but info will also be sent to us. CC to us can be turned off for security reasons if deemed necessary.

  4. After ordering, customer will get a reminder that asks if they signed up for our email club.

  5. Search results for sizes to include all gauges.

  6. Order pages will show unit price after the discount.

  7. Combined item quantities will result in volume discount.

  8. Invisible ordering tips to advise us how to order an item most efficiently.

  9. Promoted shipping quote calculator in the shopping cart with free shipping automatically announced when achieved. Excluded items so noted.

  10. Updates to product list also update automatically on home page and category pages.

  11. Drop down menus to replace lists in category home pages

  12. Freight dimension calculators for boxes, bubble, foam products and other bulky items.

  13. Track Frequent Shopper points automatically. - Give option of number of points per dollar on each item.

  14. Multiple photos on Item Description page.

  15. Free gift items which can be purchased only when points have been saved - OR - order volume has been reached.

  16. Update of current logo which maintains recognizable identity but shows that we’re moving forward without losing the recognition gained over 30 years.

  17. Clean up the ease-of-use in the shopping cart while providing clearer (but simple)instructions to guide novices along the way.

  18. More user control over content to allow as many possible changes without having to pay programmer to change code.

  19. Free shipping when order value reaches a set number of dollars.

Thanks in advance!

If you’re confortable with drupal, have a look at you didn’t mention it in your list.

I have used Oscommerce, they are very reliable so far, no problem with them.

Your question is very long, that’s probably why not many people are responding

hehe, He did mention all the features needed. That’s a legit question if you ask me.

Which is good because he doesn’t need to ask another question once the answer arrives, it’s all there… All the main functions required.

I’m actually waiting for answer myself… :slight_smile:

I know most carts have modules you can add. But is there one off the bat that can handle all those features?

Seems the one I was trying doesn’t do quantity discounts. It’s incredible, everything else works perfectly (we aren’t online yet) but seems it’s just that one thing that is stopping us.

It would also help if you showed us the site
you have now and the products you want to

PS You did’nt mention Up sell …Would you like
fries with that burger? It really works well and
you should make sure your solution has it
built in.

Back to step 1. BigCommerce doesn’t have the discount square that we need for our products, it’s a shame. The only way to add it is to buy the whole package and have a programmer do that part. The website is www(.)discountplasticbags(.)com, any inquiry please send me a private message through here. I’m going to check deeper at OsCommerce and Ubercart. BigCommerce has everything we were looking for, except that little square, and we need it for each item.

Thanks for the help so far.

By the way,

Xcart – good product, but written and hosted in Russia. Could be dangerous if there is a political situation in the future.

os commerce – Cheaper and easy to find low cost programmers, but much less secure. Potentially a problem with PCI compliance.

Just got an email from Cubecart saying they are sorry but cubecart is not for me. lol

Hi, am new to, just working thro’ the build ur own and got stuck at chapter 4.

I think i totally miss how to create the xml files and to add the aspx to it??? am totally lost from page 124. some help here pleaseeeee.


Ok, I contacted Fortune3. Any suggestions about them? Are they good?