Dreamweaver: Highlight code that has been changed since last work?

Hi all,
Hope I can explain this clearly:

I work in a secure environment where we are not allowed to take home our website work. I can only print out the code and take it home.

At home, I have a hand-typed copy of the website for testing purposes and research.

I do some tweaks at home and then print out the code and take it to work where I will apply those tweaks to the website. At work, I will work on the site further, and then take it home and apply those updates to the home version of the website.

Is there a feature within Dreamweaver that would highlight updated code so I know what has been changed so I can more easily compare the updated versions when I’m at home/work? It needs to show on the printed paper. Otherwise, I have to write notes on the paper and remind myself what has been changed/updated.

Just looking for ways to make my job easier. Thanks for any advice or tips!

Are you using a version control system? This is generally what version control is for. Git, Mercurial, SVN, Perforce, CVS, etc. Secure environment or not, there should be some kind of source control if you’re working with any kind of production system and especially if there are multiple developers where things can change w/o you knowing.

I’m about 95% sure Dreamweaver doesn’t have built in version control. If you have a past copy, then you can probably compare them with a diff tool.

How to use the diff tool in Dreamweaver

Without source control or copies of files, there is no way to know what has changed. Version control systems store these changes only and store them as efficiently as possible, so you don’t have 10,000 copies of the same 1mb file taking up space.

Honestly, this sounds like a ridiculous process. If they expect you to work at home, there shouldn’t be an issue copying code. If it’s supposed to be secured, then printing it out and removing it from the premises is still breaking security protocol.

In any case, if you want to compare versions of two text files, you can use winmerge, which highlights the differences.