Compare File Differences

I have a question. I created a PHP app that is in use by several clients.
They are different installations for each client. Over time, small changes have been made to each client but I am trying now to get it all synced up and try to do new releases to all clients.

Are there any tools that will search both client directories and compare all files, then report back which files are different?
I know notepad++ has the compare feature but I need something that will do an entire directory. Not file by file.
Its ok if it doesnt tell me WHAT is different, but at least as a starting point then I can use NOTEPAD++ one each different file. Thanks

I’m assuming you want this on a Windows environment, if so, have you checked out WinMerge?

Or if you want to go with a Commercial Tool, Beyond Compare

Thank you. It can be in either. Windows is fine but I have a few linux VPS’s I can run this on if needed. I will check out WinMerge. I did a search but all the tools that came up would compare file counts, etc. Not if two files had the same name, then compare the file contents.

Thanks again

Beyond Compare works well and is supported on Mac, Windows and Linux. WinMerge is Windows only but I think it will do what you are looking for.

I’ve recently started using Meld on Linux. If I’ve understood you correctly, it also does what you want.


My recommendation, get a version control system, such as git. Then, upload the code from each client into separate branches. Then merge the branches. Version control systems have fairly powerful file difference detectors inbuilt. They will have an added bonus of keeping a record of your changes and help prevent this from occurring again in the future.

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