Looking for help in setting up Development Environment with Dreamweaver

I need to update the coding for a website I created a few years ago, and unfortunately the IDE I was using at the time is no longer available. I have dabbled with Dreamweaver the last couple years and I have decided I would like to get this set up for my project. I have had mixed experiences with using this for my current website, and I believe part of it is because I may not have set everything up right.

I am not a professionally trained coder. I have taken a few night classes, but most of my coding experience is self taught. I am somewhat proficient with HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL, and quite weak with JavaScript. I have a non-commercial website that is a gallery based website for hobby collectors that I want to recode to have a more responsive layout and to incorporate user accounts from my phpbb3 forum.

My current website is hosted on a share hosting website, as is my MySQL database.

In the past I have always coded files on my local computer, and once they are ready, I have FTP them up to the server.

I don’t know what is the best environment for coding now. I don’t know if I should be relying on coding just on local computer folder, or if I should be setting up an area on my webserver for doing it.

Are there any good resources available that I could read/watch that would help me out with this? Alternative, if there was anyone that could walk me through the steps involved over Discord, I would be extremely appreciative.

Dreamweaver is an Adobe product. Have you looked into the Adobe forums for Dreamweaver support?

I have been using Dreamweaver for over year now.

I need help getting it set up properly, which can only be done with me be able to interact with a live person. All the YouTube videos, online demos and forum posts I have read over the last year have not helped, which is why I am now asking for 1 on 1 help.

Just start from the beginning and tell us what needs to be fixed right now. Since you’ve been using DW, what makes you think “I may not have set everything up right.” Try to be as specific as possible. Right now, we have no idea where you are in the problem. What have you tried? Is DW working as normal, or not?

As you can see, this is mainly a coding Q&A site. But we might be able to help with setup.

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