Dreamweaver CS3 Taking 50-100% Of CPU at IDLE

edit nvm figured it out.


Was it ADOBE UPDATER? :agree: curse that darn bag of dogpile

Great - how about sharing your solution?

dear azn_romeo_4u

now do you see why editing out your question is such a bad idea? to say nothing of forgetting to post the solution

people will find your thread using the search feature, because they have the same problem, and what is the result? frustration

in future, if you do not want the question kept, please contact a moderator (use the little red triangle thingy) so that it can be properly removed

thanks for understanding

yeah I could barely install CS3…total memory hog. Adobe has a way of making monster memory hog programs that take 20 minutes to do 1 action :frowning:

How much memory do you have? I’m sitting on 2GBs with a 2GHz Core 2 Duo, Adobe CS3 works like a champ, I have Photoshop open along with a memory intensive game most of the time with no issues…

sweet. thanks for taking the solution with you.

Replace your dreamweaver.exe after downloading the zip from the page here. might wanna backup your existing exe. My CPU is at 0% at idle with dreamweaver open.