Flash consuming 100% CPU

Hey all.
I have a flash app that loads external swf’s but I have had feedback that it is ‘hanging’ some computers and eating all the virtual memory.

Some of the swf’s are quite large c20-25mb so I appreciate that it will use some resources but is there any way to reduce it?

Preloading all the files maybe? Any suggestions would be good!

Have you been able to reproduce the behaviour yourself, and is there any commonality between the browsing environment of the users who have had problems?

I cant replicate it unfortunately as I have good machines and they have basic hospital garbage or a limited network.

I have even run it on an old laptop and it is fine - slow but fine.

When debugging remote issues like this I’d be inclined to implement a logging system with callback from the swf, and then trace through visitors events to see if I can pinpoint exactly what/when the lockup gets triggered - though if it’s a 100% lock then I dare say any logging code would freeze too.