Download Wordpress for backup quickly?

I wanted to know what’s the fastest way besides using FTP to download WP files locally,mainly i have clients which have css issues or want to change something and have a backup taken, before start off with work. what would be the fastest method to backup and revert back if something wrong happens.?
thanks in advance

Some hosting accounts have a control panel (such as CPanel) which will back up the whole site, database etc. with a single click. Very handy. You can then re-establish that backup in a single click if need be. There are many other ways to skin this cat, though. Some people take a backup copy, update it locally (on their PC), and upload it when they are happy with the results.

Sometimes the client don’t provide you with CPanel details, so is there anyway in wordpress to backup all stuff with one click?

I have a one click delete button for any client that doesn’t give me access to their server. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, you can download all of the site files with your FTP client, and you should at least be able to save a backup of the database … (I think that’s two clicks …)

I think there is a plugin to do this too. I am not sure of the name

there are many wordpress backup plugins available which do the job. Some even send zipped files to your emails on daily basis and some also have features of remote storing so that you can retrieve a specific backup when needed.

I normally back up my wordpress website using filezilla or the cpanel wizard