New for me domain biz idea - does this concept work?!

Hello. I want to take a “exact name search” in google that gets minimum 200,000 searches monthly and purchase this domain. Lets say 200,000 people search for “laser tag in LA”. So my domain would be “”. If seo correctly this site would come up #1 in the results for said search. 53% of users would click on the link. And it would probably get anywhere from $20 to $100 revenue each month from targeted ads. Say you have 50 of these domains. Well now your looking at a nice monthly profit. All from a small $10 bucks a year investment for the domain.

So my question. Anyone accomplish this task? If so, care to help light my way?! Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re about 18 months too late. Google has massively downgraded the “exact match domain” factor after it realised how people were playing the system in just the way you suggest. Unless you have good content that is relevant to that search phrase, you’re unlikely to get a good ranking, even if it is an exact match.

I disagree. They may of taken it down a notch - but it’s still at 90%. I just set up a site call a week ago. Googling that exact phrase places my domain 3rd or 4th each time. And that with nearly nada on my page except a few domain listings.

Haven’t domainers been doing exactly this for years, i.e buying lapsed domains, putting in a page of rubbish and hoping for a click every so often amongst the 1000s of disgusted visitors who click back to google within a millisecond when they realise they’ve been fleeced by web trash?

New for me. If i host it I will fill it with relevant content so its actually helpful. Not just duked rubbish.

If its hotels in x-area I while find all of them and show them. So helpful

If you have good content then you have a head start over the majority of domain sitters, and may also increase resale value. I’m aware of people that create portals of this nature then sell them on for quite substantial amounts to people looking for a quick entry into a particular local search

Ok just bought a domain with 550,000 exact name monthly searches to test out my theory! I will host it myself and I will seo myself. FYI I’m very good at that part. I will make it actually quite informative so it should place number 1 or 2. Should make 100 a month for a 3 dollar investment. We will see. I’ll post the outcome…