SEO help. Domain names

Hi guys. Need advice please,

I have a website and my domain name has relevant keywords. The advice I need is this (heard about it today) - If I purchase OTHER domain names with OTHER relevant keywords and then enter content on these websites with all the necessary information and then also link to my main website from these new sites created. WILL this method increase traffic, get me higher on google etc. Can someone advise me please.


I’ll bet you any money it won’t.

If you buy OTHER domains, you will then have to promote those OTHER domains, i.e. get links to those OTHER domains so that the links from those OTHER domains will then be worth something.

Also, you can’t just vote for yourself and expect that vote to be taken seriously. Links are votes.

My advice is to focus your energies on your main site and try to make a go of that.

cheers hooperman. Had another one of them sales calls and the guy on the other end of the phone said this is what they do to increase traffic to my site. Purchase domain name and then I enter content to the new domains and link to my main website.

These conmen shouldnt be allowed to do this…crzy

Yes they are conmen… Do not let them talk you into doing such a thing. I am not an SEO expert or Webmaster, but my husband is, and he has talked people out of doing this. Concentrate on Whitehat SEO tactics for your site, promote using an assortment of promotional tools and services available and work very hard.

To be very frank i m new in seo.From my point of view it works.

It works.But you can not get a big advantages.Try to manage separate pages for main business keywords at your main domain.Try to keep concentrate on your main website.

if you do that,just could make your main site has a good rank on search engine and get more traffics,imo,you also could build more links with your other sites,then all of your site could get traffics.

If you are a company and doing this, makes sense as there are many who can play their part. If you are doing it on your own, its simply a tough job on your hand. Its better you target relevant keywords and work on them for your main website only.