Domain not in search

i found the sub domain in my search query not domain what i will do to get domain in search query.

Can you share the example? What is the domain and sub-domain?

I had a similar problem, by using GWT Fetch I found that the site was not crawled due to a template issue, once I updated the template, fetch worked and allowed me to submit the domain.

Have you properly optimized your sub-domain? I mean to say check your website, if possible re-optimize your sub-domain with new quality content. Submit it various search engine directories. Add Google analytics code to your sub-domain and analysis your domain.

first you check you robots.txt. If its correct then add your website url in to Google web master tool.

sir my site is 1589hotels dot com

Your website is hit by Google. And your sub domain is well optimized then your main domain. Backlinks comes to your main domain have totally bad quality and mostly are no-follow with out-bound links more than 800+.

I agree with OP,

I checked your site in Google and the most of the results are coming from sub domains, and I didn’t find the main domain so the reason is it is hit by any recent updates.

For solutions, I would wait for more replies!

Preeti, this is an odd one indeed.

Have you got a XML sitemap set-up and linked too via Google Web Master Tools?

There is something wrong with your code. Try to check the robots file if they are allowed to crawl your website.

check your site again

Use "Cache: " command to check when did Google crawled your homepage last time. It it says that the last crawl was about months ago then surely there is something restricting Google bot to crawl your site. Check robots.txt and fetch as Google Bot.

Problem is solve it’s problem on server side, i contact the hosting person and he make some changes now it’s working fine , thanks everybody for sharing your valuable suggestion.