Domain Name Transfer & Nameserver Change

Hi all,

The company I work for is looking to move both the hosting and registrar for a domain.

We’re a bit confused given the 5 calendar day thing; so wondering what the correct steps would be to minimise downtime?

We already have the new host up and running ,so that’s not a problem.

Been doing some reading on it, and this is what I gather should happen:

• Change the nameservers to point to new host (whilst remaining on current registrar)
• Wait 48 hours for propagation period
• Request a domain authorisation from current registrar
• Process the domain transfer to new registrar

Any suggestions? The current host/registrar is absolutely terrible (their support doesn’t even know how to back-up a database… amongst other things).


That 48 hour figure doesn’t mean that propogation has completed, just that it is close to completion by then. Thefirst time I moved both at the same time I changed the nameservers, waited a week and then moved the domain and then had issues with the nameservers where one still pointed to the old hosting over a month later.

I recommend moving the domain first, making sure that move has worked and then change the nameservers. At least then you can guarantee that the nameservers at the new registrar point to the right hosting. That’s the way round I did it the last time I moved both at the same time and I didn’t have any problems.

First do the hosting change. Then when that’s done and everything works, transfer the domain…

Best is to first set up the site on the new server. Move your site from existing server to new server. You can even check the site on the new server and is if all is functioning correctly. Once ok change the nameservers on your domain and you may even update the A record with the new server IP address. Once the site resolves on the new server, ask for domain transfer. During domain transfer, because your domain has all the records of the new server like the NS and the A record, I think there would be hardly any downtime. Others may confirm but I do the steps in the above order and hardly see any downtime on the sites.

Hello follow this steps.

First get hosting on another hosting service.
move your public_html files
make databases with same usename pwd
import all your old db to new db
check subdomains if you have so,

then after done all make email a/c what u are using,.

then change name server in panel of your domain panel.


The whole process takes one week where you transfer the domain name from old registrar to new registrar with proper authentication and wait for one week, once the domain transfer is done change the name server to present one.

Hope your question is already answered. First, move your website files, database to the new hosting account and then initiate the domain transfer process. Once, domain is moved to the new registrar, change the nameservers to it and your website should be accessed within 24 - 48 hours.

What i mostly do is to set the website file on the new server and then change the nameservers. Once the DNS propagate which is about 24 hours, then i embark on domain transfer. This creates a seemless transfer without any downtime.