Transfer of active domains

I’m moving my domains to another registrar. I’ve never done this with a domain with an active site on. I’m not changing the site host - that’s staying with rackspace - just the registrar.

Is there donwtime or, as long as I specify the correct nameservers on the new host, will everything be seamless?

No, there should be NO downtime during the change of registrar. Just make sure that when you file a domain transfer order with your new registrar, the DNS or name servers remain the same.

Even if you change hosting, you can still ensure ZERO downtime by following a simple few steps. Feel free to PM me if you need any assistance.

Well, the way I understand it, we’ve got a dns record pointing at a particular nameserver and ip address. We’ll be setting up a new dns record, pointing at the same nameserver and ip address so, although it will take time to propogate, I can’t see any reason why the propagation would mean downtime, but I was wondering if anyone could confirm or deny that point.

I think there will be a downtime of about 72 hours for propagation. But usually the downtime is no more then a day.

Thanks guys. I was 90% sure there wouldn’t be any downtime as long as 1. the web host remains the same and 2. the nameservers are specified along with the domain transfer.

Just wanted to get that 10% extra certainty. Cheers.

I agree. It might take up to 72 hours when you change name servers. In this case you will not have any downtime, unless your web host goes down.

You shouldn’t have any downtime since your host will be remaining the same.

As long as you set your nameservers with your new registrar immediately (most registrars allow you to set them while purchasing the transfer), the transfer should be transparent.

When you change the Registrar, registry takes time to propogate but now it is very less. Please change the Registrar and change the NS and IP whichsoever are required and your site will not experience much down time.

Good luck.