Any way to get around 5 day wait on domain transfer

I am waiting on a domain to transfer from to godaddy (I have already done everything I need to do on both ends) In my godaddy control panel under pending transfers it says “Accept transfer at current registrar.” I have contacted and they say the only thing they can do to speed things up is “acknowledge the transfer”, which they have done, but it still make take up to 5 days. I need the transfer to go through because a website launch is being held up. Is there anything else I can do?

Sounds like you have done everything that you can do to get it to go through as quickly as possible. Any further action on your part is more likely to slow the process down rather than speed it up.

Transferring a domain between registrars should have no effect whatever on the web site that it is associated with which will still be accessible just the same throughout the transfer process so it should have no affect whatever on your launch provided that you had the nameservers pointing to the correct hosting before you started the domain transfer.

The nameservers were not pointing to the right place (the site is actually moving) and that is the problem. I didn’t realize that the domain would get stuck for 5 days and that I also would not be able to change any DNS records. That stinks!! Is there anyway around this or is my site just trapped for 5 days? (actually I did made the change on Wednesday, 2 days ago)

Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the company you are leaving. The only thing you can do is wait and be patient.

Your mistake was in not changing the nameservers first and then making sure they had propagated properly before requesting the domain transfer. The two steps can only be done one at a time with at least a few days delay in between to make sure that one has finished updating correctly before you start on the other. (I once requested to transfer a domain immediately after changing the nameservers and had 10% of traffic redirecting back to the old hosting because the nameserver change hadn’t applied completely before the transfer - took me about 4 weeks to figure out what was happening and fix it). As the nameserver change was the one you really needed to have happen to get the domain pointing to the right place you should have done that first and then left it a week or two before requesting the transfer. Now that the transfer is in progress you need to wait for that to complete before updating the nameservers. Moving both takes two to three weeks if everything goes well. Trying to do it faster than that only stuffs it up so that it ends up taking longer.

Well lesson learned.

Do you know if the 5 day waiting period is a thing or do many registrars do that?

It seems to be pretty standard across the board my friend. I know that this can be frustrating right now, but at least you learned a good lesson for the next time this may need to be done.

It is indeed. Some losing registrars can allow it to “speed up” while others do
not, but none are necessarily forced to let go of the domain name within less
than five days after receipt from the gaining registrar.

I think you need to wait It out,I’m not sure If there’s a way around It.
However you can request support to speed It up,maby they can help.

That is average time for the domain name transfer. I suppose that you needed to do everything one by one not all at once :wink:

well it akes at least 24-48 hours for dns record change to update…but five days is pushing it…

Changing the nameservers and having that change propagate across the web is basically done within one or two days for 99.9% of the DNS.

Transferring a domain from one registrar to another is a completely different process from changing the nameservers and there is no requirement for the losing registrar to give up the domain before the end of the five day period that the owner of the domain gets in which to cancel the transfer.

The two things are totally unrelated except if you try to do both at the same time in which case you can end up with the domain move cancelling out a part of the nameserver update.

Your suggestion is like stating that because you only need to give two weeks notice to change your job that it shouldn’t take any longer than that to sell your house.

:tup: Spot on analogy!



Nice. :smiley:

Was wondering if everything came through for you ok (since your Q was asked a few weeks ago)? And if so, how long did it take for the transfer to complete?