Domain Age Is King

A little spin off…

I can think of no reason that a competitor site ranks on page one for a competetive kewyord…

It has 127 backlinks according to yahoo, 12 only from other sites not the same domain and not many at all when a search is done on the url via google. PR 1

Crap site crap content, broken links…

Only thing going for it is it is about 4 years old.


1…Google is returning crap results
2. Google is full of crap.


It may require further research to end up in saying crap. An algorithm which has shows better performance than any other search engine cannot be acessed so easily. Work on the anchor text backlinks of the competitor using different search patterns like inurl, intitle etc.

Bing omits the site from its search, which I feel it should.

inurl command brings back 90% urls from the actual site and nothing else.

It baffles me as to why this is on page 1…

What other factors am I missing / things I can research on…

Yea… this may happen if your domain had a good reputation in the past.

And, if your domain is EMD that is also contributing in your ranking.

That would explain things a bit more… Cheers.

What I would hope to see is this domain dropping out of the list at some point…

Might be they have focused more on SEO than their content as it provide one-way link but I don’t think domain age matters a lot as I know sites which are on page 1 and only 6 months old or so

What SEO.

They have no backlinks and a small amount of content.

I got my site to page 1 for a low ranking keyword after 1 week, it was an EMD domain tho. I am not saying you have to have an aged domain to rank but in this case it seems to be ranking solely on this factor or from what I can see at least.

Domain age is one of the factor which is involved in ranking nut there are so many other factors. But yes its true the domain age is a big factor and its easy to get ranked if your domain is very old.
Domain name also matter a lot. Couple of days ago i search a keyword, the site which was showing on top result, his name was same as my keyword is. I open that site and check it, it was not updated since from a long time but due to exact domain name it was showing on top. So sometimes these things happens.

What was the keyword competition like on this keyword / site…