Does voice content in YouTube Video affect rankings?

Hello Folks,
I just had a discussion on YouTube video ranking on another forum - Digital Point
One person suggested including the keywords 2-3 times in the video voice over helps it to rank better.
I have not come across any such claims before. But thinking about it technically if the voice recognition of YouTube is as good then it does seem to be a logical ranking factor.

Any inputs or any references in this regard is welcome.

Youtube videos never rank its footage voice. Ranking of youtube videos are depends on proper optimization factors such as tags, descriptions, promototion and more.

Why are those factors you mention “proper optimization factors” and why can’t actual vocal content be a optimization factor. Do you know that google understand and can match text to voice and vice versa pretty well now?

I don’t think google have any algorithm that match text to voice. If you have any reference to this Please provide here.

Its been around since 2008/2009. Google ASR or automatic speech recognition. Its strange you have been unaware of that for 8 long years.

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