Transcription of YouTube videos

Hi there,

I’m considering to do a transcription of some third party YouTube videoes. I’ll embed the video on the my own site including the transcription. The aim is to search engine optimize those pages with the help of the transcription.

Do you think that would be legal copyright wise? Can you actually transcribe anything (video/audio) and publish it in a written format wherever you like?


As long as you give credit to the original author / speaker / video creator - I think it should not been an issue unless ofcourse they have mentioned - no part can be copied / stored etc… etc… without written consent of the creator.

Best would be to contact the creator that you wish to put up the content in transcribed format along with the video.

To avoid all this my suggestion would be to make the text hidden from user view like say creating a hidden div or keeping content same as background color etc. where in spiders would get the content yet actual user wont see it

  1. It doesn’t matter if words are spoken or written. They still belong to the author. For instance, musical scores are copyright, just as is the aural music those scores represent.

  2. If you start hiding text from visitors, the Search Bots will recognize that and penalize your web pages. Hidden text is black hat.

Thank you both for your input. I think you’re right that bottom line is that the content is still copyrighted spoken or written.

I’ll ask the content creater for permission.

thank you shyflower for your point regarding search engine penalization. I completely missed out on that one. I now recall long back I had read regarding hidden text.

You may not be aware that Google is already doing this through the Google Voice technology?

HTH, Jochen

I wasn’t aware of that jodg. I did a search for with no luck. Do you know where I can find more info?


Apparently there is also a “Transribe” button once you uploaded 5 Youtube videos.

HTH, Jochen