Adding Youtbe Videos is Dublicate?

I would like to ask with the new Google rules , to have youtube videos ( i have 4 in one of my pages ) , is dublicate content ?

I have lost to my most keywords many positions and i’m trying to find out why !!

I would not worry about Google considering YouTube videos duplicate content, but if you are relying on them to be the only unique content on your page then I think it is unlikely your pages will rank well.

You need to have additional unique text on the page besides the YouTube videos in order for them to do well.

Thank you for your reply revium ,

You got that right. Replying on YouTube Videos is a way of saying “I’m not making my own original content.”

Not all the videos on youtube are original or real work. Many of them are edited or even duplicate of others. And the reason why you have lost ranking for the keywords can be different. May be the videos you are using are simply copy pasted and therefore their meta tags are also same as that of being used by you.