Does page rank really have importance?

I found lots of people talking about how to improve page rank a website. Is page rank really has importance? Many of sites are at number one by certain keywords has page rank ZERO, and getting enough traffic. So what is the importance of having high page rank or even thinking about that?

Being ranked higher on SERPs–Search Engine Results Pages–is important. Most visitors tend not to go beyond the first page of results when searching for something. So, it’s best to be on the first page, and even better to be near the top of the search results. If you hire somebody to do SEO work for you–be mindful that this area of Internet marketing is full of snake oil salesmen.

PR or PageRank, on the other hand, is a meaningless measurement that has long since been depreciated as search algorithms have evolved. I’m assuming the stuff your reading has to do with SERPs.

It’s certainly not meaningless, but I understand your sentiment when it comes to correlating PR with $ earned. It’s still very useful when you are trying to assess a website you are not familiar with - perhaps for advertising opportunities, blogger popularity etc. It’s one of about 20 metrics that I might look at in order to try and figure out if I am looking at a brand new website or an aged authority.

Pagerank has not very much importance in search engine and website rankings, Google is not contineously updating (as in past) pagerank. Google might abandon pageranke in next 1-2 years. Matt told the people about pagerank “Pagerank update is the update the bar database but your website quality improves daily, You don’t even need to have high PR for search engine rankings.”

These days the Page Rank is basically the last of the algorithms that Google use in determining the ordering of the search results. All other things being identically equal the page with the highest PR will appear first. No way to confirm this though as it would be extremely rare that everything else is equal.

For me PR is like a grade given my google for your website performance though out the period. Its totally depend on your website performance to increase or decrease in ranking of your website. Having good pr is indication that your website doing good and loosing pr indicates that your website doing bad and need to work on it.

No, I don’t think so that page rank has as much impotence as people used to say.Because i myself has done seo for one of website which has no page rank and more then 100 keyword is on 1st page.

Most SEOs out there sees PageRank as increasingly meaningless, however it is still a trackable stat kept by Google. Statistics such as Moz’s Domain Authority have become the standard, as many of the metrics used to calculate it can are visible.

The only place where PageRank is relevant at all is with Google and Mr Page has quite a few quotes scattered across the web stating that PageRank is now one of the least significant of the algorithms that Google use even though it was the most important at the time he and Mr Brin developed it when they first founded Google. (they probably tossed a coint to see which of them they’d name it after).

For those who are still interested in tracking PageRank, there are some very basic tools to do so, rather than visiting a website and keying in a URL. Ruby Web makes a nice one for your browser’s toolbar - that way, it’s right there to glance at no matter what page you’re on. I’d always recommend MozBar over it, but it is still a nice reference to have until when/if Google kills it off.

Yes, you could install a PR tracker in your browser, but why bother? For one thing, PR isn’t updated publicly in real time; Google only releases the information periodically. And as Google themselves have been saying for years that PR is no longer really relevant (it was removed from GWT in 2009), why waste your time worrying about something that doesn’t matter?

I seem to be posting this a lot recently, but here it is again:!category-topic/webmasters/webmaster-tools/29GtmYDt8L0

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I dnt think so that OR really matters. it only reflects quality of website. Sites are ranking good even if lower PR.

My site has PR 3, ranking good, but not too much traffic. I am not able to figure out the problem.

If you meant to say that PR reflects quality of website, then I’m afraid you’re wrong. PageRank is based on the number and perceived worth of incoming links to your site; it says nothing about the quality of your site.

The algorithm Larry Page created is basically a popularity contest. Nothing whatever to do qith quality. That’s why the downgraded it once they got better algorithms for testing quality.