Google's Page Rank Vs Search Engine Optimization

Google’s Page Rank Vs Search Engine Optimization

Still I have confused with these topics and its relationship.

Is their any relationship between both of these Google PR and SEO?

Why should we improve our back links to get organic traffic?

What are the relationship between seo and PR ? Please let me know.

Page Rank has become increasingly irrelevant over recent years. Even with a low PR your site can do very well in searches.

SEO is a part of internet marketing. At its best, it’s about helping search engines to understand what your pages are about, so that when yours is the best offering to match a user’s need, your page will be presented first. This is done mainly by structuring your pages really well and making your content as clear and relevant as possible. The dark side of SEO is where people (and lots of them) try all manner of subterfuge to make their pages rank well in searches even when not the best choice for users. Thankfully, Google is working hard to thwart the efforts of such people.

Page rank is a kind of ranking for webpages out of 10. Webpages used to get page rank according to the quality of the content. I know many will argue that page rank is solely related to backlinks. But I have seen a lot of webpages which got good page rank without a single backlink. But I think it is no longer important now because PR update is not taking place for last 6+ months.

SEO is related to increase the ranking of a website or webpage for certain keyword.

No it isn’t Google just convert the Page Rank to a number between 0 and 10 using a logarithmic scale so that it becomes effectively meaningless. Not that the actual value means much to start with as it is basically a tie breaker if two web pages are equal after applying all of the hundreds of other algorithms.

Many people will keep saying that page rank is not important but still many people are keep buying higher PR links.

So I assume that still PR is playing an important role while building backlinks.

Still, we must accept that Higher PR website means higher authority

If you guys are thinking that Page Rank is not at all relevant than watch this video


Buying links which pass PageRank is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and may lead to your site being penalised:

Yes, I know that but however buying and selling links are still using freely.

No one will continue to advertise on a site that has a zero PR. Therefore it is very relevant.

SEO, includes techniques that help you to gain more traffic on your websites as well as to increase page rank of your website. Off page SEO activities for creating backlinks need to be performed on a high PR website because you gain some part of those high PR website that helps to improve your website’s page rank.

PageRank is calculated per page, not per site. A site with a high PR for its home page may have much lower PR for some or all of its internal pages.

I would not consider a paramter that is provided by Google to be a metric for me to measure how popular a site is. Especially that Google has been more than 7 month since its last update.

The best way to check the popularity of a website is by checking the backlinking profile of it. There are more accurate metrics than the outdated page rank. Check up (Citation Flow) and (Trust Flow) by MajesticSEO or Domain Authority and Page Authority by Moz.

Remember as well that there is a mass of false information floating around the web. Beware from those people who are trying to sell you backlinks based on their PR.

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Yes its true that, there is relation between SEO and PR (Search Engine Optimization and Page Rank) Now a days Page Rank is not so important,most important thing is to get a organic rank through SEO, we can search and got a output that there is lots of websites which has no rank but has high PR and also few websites in rank which has no PR. Its true that we need to do off page submissions in high PR and DA sites through which we can get organic rank in search engine.

Somewhat but it’s not the end all. You will never see a internal page with 5 PR and a home page of zero. That tells me yes they are separate but do have influence on one another.

Do you think that Google consider domain authority or page authority provided by moz in their ranking ?

Google has its own hidden metrics for analyzing the condition of the website. Their algorithms do not rely on third party tools or companies that invent their own ranking metrics.

Page Rank is a numerical value calculated by a formula, on the basis of backlinks and outbound links of a website. Search Engine optimization is a technique to optimize a website by paying some money or free. It is a technique by which a website can get rank and traffic for a website.