Does Google Still counting Back-links from Paid Directories Sites?

We have seen some back-links for our clients competitors from a paid directory having PR=6 , is it good to go for it as Google has completely banned these sites for link building.

I don’t know how many times I’ve posted this from Google’s guidelines, but here it is again:

Don’t be so rude @technobar we all know this. but here is a link that we are asking as Google is not stick to it’s guidelines <snip> what you say on this.

I’m sorry if that sounded rude. It wasn’t intended to be, but I do feel frustrated over this question, which comes up regularly on the forums.

Google has published guidelines explaining which practices may have a negative effect on your site. I can’t state anything more clearly than those guidelines. But at the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether or not to risk ignoring them. If you think that Google doesn’t always follow its own guidelines and that it’s worth taking the risk, then you go ahead - it’s your site.

Cheer up TechnoBear, there’s always hope that someday the SEO folks will learn how to Search

It’s not just the repetitiveness, but the question itself which frustrates me.

is it good to go for it as Google has completely banned these sites for link building.
People know the guidelines, but they still keep asking if it’s OK to do something which Google specifically says not to do. It’s as if somebody on a forum saying “yes, go ahead, it’s a great technique” somehow changes the rules.

Burglar: I know housebreaking’s against the law, but is it OK to do it? I’ve heard it’s a great way to get rich quickly.
Forum Poster: Oh yeah - it’s great. And the police only catch x% of burglars, so you’ll be fine. Good luck.
Burglar: What? Hey - you can’t arrest me! Some guy on a forum said it would be OK. I only want to get rich quick…


Hah, but still there are many people that have red somewhere that you cannot believe what Matt Cutts is saying so even if G said it’s forbidden, they will come and ask if it’s really forbidden

My point exactly. Somehow they seem to feel that the opinion of a random, unknown person or group of people on a forum carries more weight than the guidelines laid down and explained by Google. I simply don’t understand it. :frowning:

I also think that paid directory is not working because this is not follow the guidelines of the Google webmasters. I am not use this kind of paid directory websites.

As Google never allow paid back links so its not matter you get them from high pr website or low pr website. You get back links from high pr website but through a organic process and use always good quality back links to rank your website.