Does an Affiliate Program Really Good?

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone tried an affiliate program just to earn money? Anyone tried, please share your ideas about affiliate program.


i use affiliate and happy with this
i earn while i share songs ebooks audios etc with my friends
so no worry about where i upload as i have a network to upload

Hi All,

We’ve just set up a travel affiliate program and i’m looking for some constructive feed back and criticism on the look, design, information, details of the set up process etc.

Anyone interested in having a look and letting me know what you think?

Any comments would be appreciated.

We use CJ affiliate program and getting good results. definitely recommend it.

Affiliate marketing is one of the top paying money making opportunities on the internet. The main requirement is traffic

Yeah, it works well if you find your niche. First choose a product of interest to you, something you are passionate about, Next determine what keywords will work for your product and how to use them to guarantee you make money. Here are some ways can help you promote the products: Posting forum, Post on Squidoo, wrtie article on your own sites, blogs.

Your business pays you to advertise/market. This is what draws traffic; thereby generating sales and recruits. Both sides will benefit the owner and the affiliate. The owner benefits by expanding their customer base, while the affiliate benefits by maximizing their income. That would be accumulated a 50% profit on one sale, and then making another 40% over and over again, on the sale of products from the person who you sold the first item to.

there are thousands of ppl all over the world who are into affiliate marketing … it works great

Affiliate programs can work well if you have a plan to promote the products.
Don’t know cococontacts so i can’t judge them.

I have been earning a descent amount of money from affiliate marketing from last 3 years. I believe you should always choose an affiliate program that relates to your niche.

They are all working well. The only thing you need is the traffic…Like for everything else…