Affiliate programs

Have you ever used affiliate programs?
What companies have you been with?
Is that really profitable?

Affiliate programs can be profitable, but depends in your strategy managing it. Its a good start for bloggers. :smiley:

I know the owners of some popular hosting directories and they say they are making good money from selling hosting through Affiliate programs.

If you have good web site related to the web hosting with good traffic - I believe any affiliate program will be profitable for you.
But chosing the one do not go with one which offers millions for 1 sale.

I do affiliate with about 50 sites and doing $1x,xxx/month
Like everything else, it’s in the traffic…

why is it whenever someone asks about affiliate programs people respond without mentioning the affiliate programs they use yet they agree that it is highly profitable. is it some sort of secret to which affiliates are the best ones? i’m just curious about this myself as i’ve never looked into any sort of affiliate program before. why respond at all if you won’t give some suggestions on which affiliates might be worth looking at when that is obviously what the op is looking for?

I tried it once. But it is not profitable for me. I dont know why but I am not using it now.

I have recommended from hosting affiliate programs to earn $300.

I am using SacredServer at the moment as the affiliate with banner ads on my website.
Though i earn small from it but it was ok looking at the traffic and adsense income.
i get around 800-1000 visits daily and earn only $45-50/month from adsense and
$100-110 from the hosting affiliate as i mentioned.
Don’t know if there are better options available but in my country most of the major affiliate websites don’t show up links.

hey @iamgs
can u please let us know where is the affiliate signup for the website u mentioned.
And have u already got paid by them or is the cash just in ur affiliate account.
Sometimes these affiliate don’t pay out.
Please let me know.


ya i have been paid out 3 times now…it’s kinda reliable

if your site has alot of traffic, affiliates can earn you a fortune

Yeap. But in this case your traffic should be targeted and be relevant to your ads.

Affiliates and referrals do have the potential to bring in a good income on a monthly or quarterly basis. Most of it would be through webhosting sign-ups.

A significant number of hosting companies run one referral or affiliate program for sure. If you have a blog or directory which attracts a lot of such relevant traffic, then more often than not, you would generate some income through affiliations. However, the amount of money you would get would depend on relevant traffic you get and the payouts.

As always, beware of those who say they will payout thousands or millions for one sale, it never is true :slight_smile:

Affiliate program is another way of promoting web business. Here an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer or sale offered coming thorough its way. It’s a present way of paying a finders fee for the new customer introduced to the business. Reward is made on the base of a certain rate for each visitor, registrant, or a percentage of commission for each customer or sale made or it can be any other combination.

It doesn’t matter. They’re all working well. It’s in the traffic. No traffic = no money

From programs like linkshare, shareasale so affiliate programs from different small sites.
Been making a living for the last 8 year from affiliate marketing.

I promote on my blog , i write about php errors, mysql issues. I sent them 2 sales last month and got 220.00 payed for hosting and some ice cream for the grandkids.